Artist & Teacher

“Over 63 years ago I decided I would dedicate my life to becoming a fine artist. I was 16 at the time and never realized the hard work it would involve. I struggled through art school but never gave up, and by studying the various styles of other artists they helped me find my own voice. I couldn’t afford paints or canvas, so I had to use whatever I could find – hardware, brushes, rags and sponges. I found it difficult to paint details which led me on the path of experimental painting”.

“My inspirations for my work comes from many different places and experiences – from visiting a machine museum where I became obsessed with transmission parts to discovering the images in sliced agates, lace, pressed flowers, or cracks in a sidewalk. Experiences or objects can start me down a path of experimenting with different materials – sprayed, splattered or poured.”

A graduate of the Cleveland Institute of Art in 1955 and a resident of Sarasota, Florida since 1987. An internationally known artist, juror and teacher, Maxine has conducted over 500 water-media workshops throughout Canada, Australia and United States. She has been teaching her methods since 1980.

Maxine Masterfield is a lifetime member of The American Watercolor Society and The Florida Watercolor Society. An honorary member of the Rocky Mountain National Watermedia society and The Philadelphia Watercolor Club. In the early 80’s Gracie Hegerman (from Bradenton) and I started an International Society for Experimental Artists (ISEA). We soon discovered we were not alone. ISEA is still going strong with members from around the world.

Maxine is the author of two books, “Painting the Spirit of Nature” and “In Harmony with Nature” (both by Watson-Guptil) and still available on Amazon.

Always the innovator, she began publishing her quarterly newsletter, the Spirit of Experimental Art in 2015. This multi-media eZine, showcases some of the best experimental artists and has an audience that stretches around the world.

She has been featured in articles in The American Artist Magazine and the Artists Magazine. Her works can be seen in over 50 contemporary watercolor books today.

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